Communications training for leaders – a key investment

The leaders in your business are likely directors, managers, or board members. These people connect the team with customers, gather donations, and are your best brand ambassadors.

These key people within an organization are often overlooked when it comes to communications training. Why? There are likely more reasons than you or I care to count. But one of the big reasons is that management often say they can’t afford to have them away from their teams or off the floor. To some, it is lost productivity.

My argument is you can’t afford not to train them. In the age of instant news and viral social media whatever is said internally or externally can make its way into the public.

Leaders need to know how to effectively speak to employees as they will motivate them day in and day out, which impacts business results.  The “rank and file” need to know what leaders stand for.

Leaders need to know what information is appropriate to share externally. For example, it’s not a good idea for them to speak about a major acquisition before the deal is closed…. or discuss financial information before it is released publicly.  Without knowing how to manage and deliver information leaders can become more of a liability than an asset.

Look around the organization. There may already be internal resources or people with experience that can help train leaders.  Before taking that road, identify the type of training needed and what the key take-aways are for trainees. Work out the curriculum. Conduct a trial run with a small group of leaders and gather feedback after the sessions to make improvements for the next round.

If the resources aren’t there internally, look to professional organizations in your community as they can point you in the right direction.

Training leaders is worth it. Remember, it takes years to build your reputation but only seconds to destroy it.

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